EclipseME is an Eclipse plugin for J2ME development. I have not installed it yet, but it sounds well worth checking out. Here are some of its features:

  • Multiple wireless toolkit support
  • Wireless toolkit preferences
  • Platform component and definition support
  • Create new J2ME Midlet Suite Project
  • Create new Midlet
  • Java Application Descriptor (JAD) editor
  • Automatic incremental preverification
  • Eclipse launch support for Emulator
  • Midlet debugging support
  • JAR and obfuscated JAR packaging
  • Over the air deployment testing server

In my initial J2ME experiments about half a year ago, I was quite happy with the combination of IntelliJ IDEA and the Antenna Ant task for J2ME. While it would be nice to be able to do certain J2ME specific tasks directly within the IDE, being able to build the application from Ant is indispensable, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I’ll give EclipseME a try when I get a chance, as it may speed up the somewhat cumbersome J2ME development process.

(via The Wireless Development Weblog)